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  • Welcome to SWKT

    Seo Won K-Tec. Inc.

Welcome SWKT

  • SWKT is your partner for low volume, high quality manufacturing. We are more than just a contract manufacturer, we are your partner from design, tooling, beta production and manufacturing to deliver the products your customers are demanding. A few of our unique capabilities include:

    • We see ourselves as your partner and everything we do reflects that
    • We are one of a few manufacturers that will do low volume manufacturing
    • We work hand-in-hand with you during the design and development process
    • We can help in the design and fabrication of injected molded tooling
    • We can help balance your inventory by adjusting build volumes
    • We constantly work to lower hardware costs and improve efficiencies that
      results in lower costs to you
    • We pride ourselves in proactive communications based on
      our strong English language skills

    Seo Won K-Tec Not just a contract manufacturer, your partner in manufacturing.

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CEO's Message

  • Thank you for visiting the website of Seo Won K-Tec., Inc.

    Since its foundation in September, 1989, SWKT has provided the turnkey electronics manufacturing services in low and medium volume productions to the customers in the wireless communications (RF and IR), the pro A/V, and the telecommunication industries.

    We are not just a contract manufacturer, but a long term partner who works as a team with customers to develop and manufacture the products. We believe in the teamwork and the partnership with customers, which allow us to enjoy decade long business with most of the existing clients.

    Our capability includes engineering support in product development phases, supply chain managements, PCB Assembly, injection and press mold fabrications, prototype building, pilot productions, mass productions, and sustaining quality improvements.

    SWKT has its ISO 9000-2000 certified manufacturing facilities, SWE in Yantai Shandong China which is just an hour flight away from the headquarters in Korea. The synergy of engineering support from Korean staff and the competitive labor and raw materials in China allows us to provide the customers with quality products on time at reasonable costs.

    If you are looking for a reliable long term manufacturing partner, SWKT is the right choice which will never let you down and exceed your expectation. We look forward to the opportunities to develop and manufacture your products.


    YB Lee
    Managing Director
    Seo Won K-Tec., Inc.

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