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Strong Engineering Support

  • Skilled electrical, mechanical and industrial engineers are available for engineering support in product improvement and new product development efforts.
  • PCB Layout, Fabrication and Assembly services
  • Tool Design, Fabrication and Injection Molding services
  • Complete Product Assembly and Test services
  • Other Design services (schematic capture, design engineering)

Customer Benefits

  • Increases the available engineering resources
  • Reduces management resources by reducing the number of vendors
  • Turn-key approach reduces the time to market on new products
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Low Volume Production Flexibility

  • Provides support for engineering prototypes and pilot production runs.
  • Maintains production lines designed to accommodate low product volumes that most Asian manufacturers will not support.
  • Complete Turn-key supplier services offered.

Customer Benefits

  • Quicker ramp-up to mass production.
  • Facilitates product stabilization prior to release to larger production lines in South Korea or China.
  • Allows US based companies to realize the benefits of an overseas manufacturing partnership they never thought was possible.
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Strong Quality Systems

  • All products are manufactured under the strict quality systems implemented as defined in the ISO 9001 and ERP standards.
  • Top priority is given to product quality and on time customer delivery.

Customer Benefits

  • Customer oriented Quality system provides flexibility to adapt to customer specific requirements.
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Investment Capability

  • Capability to invest in the Engineering Support and Tool Fabrication portions of new product development efforts.

Customer Benefits

  • SWKT may be willing to amortize these costs for qualified customers.
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Limited Customer Base

  • SWKT is committed to building long term relationships with a select number of quality customers they are best equipped to serve.

Customer Benefits

  • Long term focus with a willingness to commit resources to build the relationship
  • Allows for a degree of flexibility unprecedented in traditional manufacturing environments
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Excellent Written and Verbal Communication

  • Written and verbal English communications are performed in a timely manner to provide prompt responses and rapid solutions to customer questions and issues.
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